Kitten Spunk FAQ

Q: Can I get a refund, I am not satisfied with my purchase?
A: No. If you are not satisfied with your purchase that is likely due to not reading all the information I provide with my products. That is not a relevant reason for a refund.


Q: I accidentally bought one of your products twice, can I have a refund?
A: Yes. If it is not a GACHA purchase you can. Just contact me, Ecathi Resident, with the relevant details.

Q: I didn’t get my item, how can I get it?
A: Go to a in-world +Kitten Spunk+ store and find a redelivery terminal.


Q: Can I be a +KS+ blogger?
A: Go to the main store and click the “Blogotex Bloggers Access Point” and it should refer you to the application process.


Q: Can I get [insert product name] with different permissions?
A: No.


Q: Can I get free stuff?
A: No. There are freebies in the main store for group members. Joining the group is free.


Q: Can I get a discount?
A: No.


Q: Can you show me [insert product name]?
A: Yes. Simply contact me in-world, Ecathi Resident.


Q: Can you help me on how to use modkits etc?
A: Yes. Simply contact me in-world, Ecathi Resident.


Q: Can I use included .PSD files to mod your product and sell them?
A: You are allowed to sell texture mods of my products yes, as long as you do not claim you made the product solely on your own.


Q: Can you make something custom for me?
A: Depends very much on what it is, if I find it interesting etc. Feel free to throw me an IM or notecard in-world to Ecathi Resident.


Q: Can I get my money back? I bought the product by accident etc.
A: No. There is no way to claim a refund on IMVU.

For further questions please contact Ecathi Resident!