Two feet dangled from the park bench and a sigh was heard. The sigh seemed feminine, and on the bench sat a girl with platinum blond hair. Two light blue eyes looked down at the soaked road. It was raining heavily and the hair of the girl was wet. The girl on the bench was Oasis.

Oasis wasn’t like any other girl, she hadn’t been one of those lucky girls born into a normal family with all the toys she could ever need. No, Oasis hadn’t had fortune with her. It had been a warm evening and a child was placed in the street. An elderly man had picked her up and brought her home with him. But it wasn’t the ordinary kind of home, it was an orphanage, Wammy’s House.

The feet swung back and forth slowly, and they were barefoot. For any passerby the scene would seem odd. But this particular park was empty almost constantly, that was why Oasis enjoyed going there. It was quite the walk from Wammy’s house, but the parks that were closer were too crowded for her liking. Oasis let her eyes fall shut as she listened to the low wind and she rested her head back on the bench.

Oasis was wearing a long sleeved green shirt, and a pair of blue jeans. Her apparel was so boring it seemed unusual for a girl her age, but it was comfortable and that was what mattered to her, what others would think of her looks made no difference for her.

The silence was comfortable, just like it always was. This park was overgrown, with the grass rarely being cut and the trees so tall that the sun barely shone through the branches. But the breeze still managed to get through and it pulled Oasis’ hair back.

A few footsteps were heard, it sounded like a pair of expensive shoes. Oasis’ hearing was sensitive, and especially now that such a rare event was happening right in front of her. She couldn’t remember the last time someone had set foot in this park whilst she was there, but now someone was. From the footsteps she was guessing he was only fifteen feet away from her or so. The footsteps stopped. What was this person doing? She tried to listen closely, but she couldn’t figure out why the feet had stopped. The silence seemed never ending, and Oasis desperately wanted to know why the feet had stopped. It just didn’t seem natural. But before Oasis had time to think further the feet moved again. But they did not move in the direction she thought they would, they were moving towards her!

“Hello there girl” a masculine voice said. She could hear the bass tones in the voice. This was clearly a man, and he wasn’t a child, but neither was he old. Oasis stayed silent, even though she knew there were no one else around. “Are you shy?” the manly voice asked, but once again Oasis kept her mouth shut. The footsteps crept closer and closer, and Oasis considered trying to get away as she had no idea how old this man was, what he looked like.. Really anything at all, and he seemed way too interested in her for her own good. But she didn’t want to try, she was too afraid she would be nervous and end up tripping or hurting herself trying to escape. This park was large, and the odds of getting out easily with stress wasn’t that big. Why had she let Xabier, her dog, run around freely.. She knew she had done it because she didn’t expect people in this park, but now she instantly regretted it, and she did not want to make any sounds because the man was still close by.

She sat there on the bench. Not moving, not talking. Only trying to anticipate his next move. But her expectations were not even close to what would actually happen.

The feet came closer and Oasis kept completely still. She heard the feet stop and she heard something thump onto the bench. He had sat down beside her, and she could smell the cologne. It smelled expensive.. What kind of guy was this? “Why is a young girl like you just sitting here in a deserted park?” he asked her and this time Oasis decided to answer. Just sitting quietly couldn’t do anything for her, so she picked her words with care and replied “I’m enjoying the silence”. For a while the man was quiet from such an unexpected line from such a young-looking girl. The man let his eyes scroll over hair platinum blond hair as it shone from the few rays of light that came through.

“You do not seem like most other girls these days” he told Oasis. “I suppose not” she said without really bothering to analyse his sentence. For a moment her thoughts flashed back to the Wammy’s house, after all, she wasn’t the regular girl.

“This might be a bit sudden…” he hesitated. “But… Do you, dream about anything, or want anything?” he asked her. Oasis wondered why he would ask such a question, she didn’t understand where he could get it from, but she decided to answer, it couldn’t hurt. “I-I do” she said slowly. She bit her lip realising she stuttered unintentionally. “Oh, and what may that be young lady?” he said to her, and it sounded like he was smiling. For a moment Oasis considered what to say. She was only a child, so telling him about her “hobby” wouldn’t really be a problem.. Something inside her just made her want to tell him. She rarely got to tell people, but she enjoyed guns. Her dream had always been to be able to fire one with precision. It wasn’t very feminine, but that didn’t matter. Something about the feeling of her finger on a trigger, it just tempted her. And so she told him how she wanted to buy a gun when she was older, and learn how to use it.

“Oh my” the man said “That is quite the risque hobby you have there young lady” he said. Oasis nodded. But the man did not realise how risque the hobby that would come to be her everyday. She could hear something that sounded like a bag, and then paper in the direction the man was sitting. “Would this suffice for a gun of your liking young lady?” the man said, but Oasis went quiet and her head bent lower, looking like she was staring at the ground. “Why aren’t you looking?” the man answered confused.

It took a while, but Oasis eventually replied to the mans question. “I-I can’t” Oasis said to him. “Oh? Why not?” he answered, and she could hear from his voice he was getting more confused by the minute. For a moment Oasis stayed quiet, until she eventually sighed. “I am blind” she told the man and the silence became awkward between them. The man didn’t have the faintest clue as to what to reply to such a statement.

Eventually the man decided how to reply to this, but not by words. The man took Oasis’ left hand, the one closest to him, and he put it on the bag which he had placed between them. Oasis was about to pull her hand back, afraid of what the man might do, until she felt her hand being set down. On top of the bag she could feel with her hand there was a bunch of paper in a little bunch. From examining them with her fingers she decided for herself this was money, and she was certain her lovely pet dog could confirm it for her as well. But why would this man be presenting her money? “This is enough money to buy a top-grade gun, and I am willing to give this to you” the man said in a plain voice. Oasis used one of her fingers to count the money he had presented to her, and she realised he was telling the truth. The feel of the paper was right, its thickness too, and she was quite certain it was real, and definitely enough to buy the guns she had been dawning over for years. Oasis waited for the man to say something, because no one would give away such large amount of money for nothing.

“You cannot tell anyone about this okay?” the man said in a lower voice, clearly serious. “I’ve made sure the money is not possible to track to me either if you were wondering” the man continued. Was he going to use her as a drug mule or something? For a while Oasis considered it. She didn’t want such a thing on her record, but still, she doubted she would get caught, not with her skills. She nodded to the man. “I shall stay silent” she said. She could understand the man picking her, it was clear she wasn’t one of the normal girls that would go blabbering to everyone she knew. What kind of parents would let their girl wear such unfeminine clothes and even without shoes? That was unlikely, so he must’ve spotted something being off with her. The man continued, “I would like to trade this money.. For a service” he said to her. “You see, since you might not be able to see it, I am a rather high-up business man, and certain things make tabloid magazines go crazy, so I need to find… alternative ways, if you catch my drift”. Oasis didn’t really follow what he was trying to tell her, but she listened. “So thus I am here, in need of a little… Relief” he told her and she suddenly raised her eyebrows. Was this man actually asking for a sexual service? The man was quiet, clearly watching her reaction.

Oasis quickly went over it in her head. This man was asking for a sexual service from her. Or so it seemed. If he was it wasn’t all that odd to her. She had experienced how certain guys would react around her, so she had quickly understood her looks must be above average. She could feel her skin and she knew it was spotless, no acne, no nothing. And from what others had told her she knew her hair was also quite pretty. This man clearly liked her looks. But then again, she was not one of the sociable type, and she knew it was quite obvious, that was usually what got her out of awkward social situations, like strangers asking for directions. But in this case it seemed positive. But then came the question, would she agree to such a thing? Socially it would seem like a very dirty and wrong thing to do. But in front of her laid everything she needed for what she wanted the most. And then again, what would this mean to her? A quick way of earning to her goal, and it certainly didn’t matter to her. If there was one thing she felt no appeal to it was sexual or romantic interests in others. She had never found anyone that sparked her interest, unless one could count guns, and of course Xabier, but still. This would be meaningless to them both, that was clear, and she could have what she wanted. Technically, in the eyes of society it was wrong, breaking a law even, but then again, who would prove anything unless she confessed it herself? The odds seemed to be in her favour.

For a moment she considered the voice she had heard and she realised it was familiar. This was one of the voices she had heard on those political discussion programmes on TV, meaning he must be telling the truth. Oasis had never been fooled by imitations, and she was certain the voice was the same.

Everything was going in her favour, and she knew she was considering something so very wrong. But in her own, blind, eyes she knew that for her there was nothing wrong with it. It would be a one time happening that would let her proceed further into her studies a lot quicker than she could’ve imagined or dreamed for. After all, if she did not take this offer she would have to work probably for a few years to save up. And if she only spent a small portion of the money she would now be getting she would be able to afford something to hide it in as well, meaning she could contain it herself without trouble at Wammy’s house.

The silence was still going and she could hear the man beginning to fidget. Oasis took a deep breath, “If I understood you correctly…” she lowered her voice a little, “You are asking for a sexual favour of sorts?” she said as calmly as she could manage. “Yes, you understood it correctly” the man replied trying to keep it short. “I have one condition” Oasis said and she could hear a shocked voice coming from the man as he realised she was actually planning to take his offer without barely any discussion. “And that is?” he said curious. “Let my dog inspect the money so I can be certain it isn’t fake” Oasis told him. “O-Oh, that is fine I suppose” the man said and she could hear how he was looking around for a dog, but there was none in sight. Oasis took another deep breath and she let out a high, but subtle whistle. In a matter of seconds a dog came running into sight at a high speed and he stood by her feet. Oasis bent down to the dog and then she patted the bunch of money laying on the bag next to her. Quickly the dog let his nose run over the bunch and he inspected it carefully with his paws and eyes. The dog sat down again and a confirming woof was heard.
Oasis nodded to the man, “It is certainly real then” she said. The man told her, “But with this amount of money you do realise I expect you to go through with what I ask and do, yes?”. Oasis simply confirmed. For her it did not matter in what way this went down, she was used to most things and she did not mind as long as she got her payment and this would be over quite soon. From his voice she could hear him being quite content with the arrangement, and so was she. This meant she would lose her virginity, but pain was not awful, the headaches she had from time to time were so much worse than any pain possible to inflict by human hands. She was certain, this was worth it. And how bad could it be?

It did not take long. She had left Xabier by the bag to watch over it while the money was inside, and the man had dragged Oasis further into the forest surrounding the park. Xabier had been confused when Oasis told him to stay, but he was obedient.

Oasis could smell the man and she noticed his hormones were beginning to ooze around him, clearly indicating this was very much in his interest. He had told her as he dragged her off that he wanted her to at least play she enjoyed it, and Oasis didn’t mind. She was very must accustomed to taking on roles.

They arrived at a very enclosed space, surrounded by trees and bushes, and the man quickly pushed Oasis’ back towards one of the taller trees. It took mere seconds before he pushed his lips onto hers and she played along, kissing him roughly back. The man grabbed the corners of her long-sleeved shirt and he pulled it off her, revealing her black, frilly bra that she had underneath. Oasis wasn’t shy, she did not hide her exposed chest, she just kept on kissing him.

Oasis moved her hands then, figuring that if she wanted to have this over with she would have to do some of the work as well. Her hands begin fiddling with the buttons on his dress jacket, before throwing it into the grass and then proceeding with his shirt. She could feel his chest now, he clearly was in shape as his stomach was flat, but he didn’t seem to be one of those body builders, because his muscles did not stick out from his stomach, there was no six-pack or anything alike. At least this wasn’t some old pervert Oasis thought to herself, almost giggling at the odd situation.

The man began groping at Oasis’ breasts, holding them firmly. For a girl her age they were quite large, but Oasis hadn’t really ever thought about it until now when she could feel his large, manly hands cupping them. Her heart was beginning to beat fast with this new sensation.

With the man being eager it did not take long until they were both down to their underwear, and Oasis explored the man’s body with her hands. This was her first time ever feeling up a guy like this, and she figured it would take a while until she had a chance like this again. Her hand slid across his chest, noticing how firm and soft his skin was. She moved onto his arms, and she could feel them being tight from his excitement. She could feel his muscles clearly, they were quite a lot bigger than her own. For a moment she wished she too could have bigger muscles, it would make things so much easier for her. But she was stuck in her feminine body with her fragile bones and skin.

Their lips parted and Oasis wondered what would come next, and she felt the breathing of the man lower. He was on her chest, beginning, slowly, to suck on her nipple. This was new to Oasis, and unintentionally she let out a moan of pleasure. Oasis was surprised with herself, she had moaned without meaning to, she moaned out of actual pleasure and not just to satisfy the man. She could feel the skin above her nose getting warmer, it was a blush.

The man kept sucking on it and the moans kept on creeping out of Oasis’ mouth. A strange sensation was beginning to build up in her body, and she couldn’t identify it. The man’s hands were suddenly on her, and they slid down to her butt, groping it roughly. In a flash he was pushing himself against her and kissing her, pressing his tongue against her lips asking permission to enter and she slowly opened up to him. These were her first kisses and she was giving them away to a stranger. His lips were soft, and his tongue was exploring her mouth in slow movements. It didn’t take long until Oasis let her tongue swirl around his. This was starting to be less of a role for her, and more of her just wanting this on her own initiative.

Oasis let her hand slide down the man’s body until she reached the border of his boxers. Oasis could feel her heart beating a bit faster as she let her hand slide lower. There, in her hand she could feel the very hard dick of the man, it was pulsating from all the pumping of blood and Oasis was amazed. She hadn’t ever imagined a hard dick feeling like this, being so warm and still so firm. Oasis dragged her hand over it a few times, from each of her strokes she could hear the man moaning into her ear. And within only seconds the man pulled down his boxers impatiently, revealing his hardened dick. Oasis could feel it pushing against her stomach, and it was larger than she would’ve imagined. No one had ever discussed these things with her, so thinking of what they may feel like hadn’t passed through her mind. And now it was right there…

Two large hands landed at her hips and they began sliding off her underwear with ease. Oasis didn’t stop him, she just kept caressing him.

They were now both completely exposed and their skin were rubbing against each other. Even with the cold air they were both warm from each others touch. They lips were entwined and Oasis didn’t even mind the rough edges of the tree behind her. Their clothes were in a pile in the grass, and the birds kept singing just like any other day.

His hands were at her hips and he guided her down to the ground and he positioned her on all four. His lips were by her ear and he whispered with his bass-heavy voice “Are you a virgin?”. Oasis felt her face heating up, she was clearly blushing and she nodded. The man replied to her nodding, “I’ll be gentle”. He used his right hand to massage her breast and carefully pinch her nipple. Oasis felt herself begin to tremble as she was nervous, she did not know what to expect.

His hands moved away from her breasts and Oasis waited nervously for what would be the next move. Suddenly she felt a warm breath against her butt and it went lower. His fingers were on the side of her slit and she felt as he began to push it open. “Oh, what a nice pink colour you have”, and Oasis blushed. No one had ever said such a thing to her, and as she was blind she had no clue herself as to its colour.

“I’ll be going in now” he said in a calm voice, and Oasis nodded nervously. She could feel his cock against her leg as he tried to position himself. And it didn’t take long before he found her tiny hole and began pushing himself forward. She could feel his large, hard cock pushing against her, and within seconds he was entering her. It hurt for a while and she tried her best to keep from making noise as the pain swallowed her.

But it did not take long before the pain faded into pleasure. Oasis moaned in pleasure, and it made the man even more enthusiastic. He began pounding into her harder as her moans went higher. For something Oasis had never even bothered trying this was amazing. She could feel her face going flustered and her pussy was dripping with juices. Feeling her pussy being filled was such a feeling, she couldn’t feel anything else. Not the cold air, not the rough grass, and she didn’t even care if anyone came by. Her tongue was sticking out of her mouth and she was beginning to drool at the amazing pleasure.

Oasis let her hand slide down to her pussy, beginning to touch it fiercely to make her pleasure even stronger. She could hear the man moaning with her, and they were both enjoying the wonderful sensation. The only thought going through Oasis’ head was that she didn’t want the pleasure to stop.

The man grabbed a hold of her hair and pulled her with it, making him fuck her even harder. Oasis screamed in pleasure. The pleasure was so strong she didn’t even feel his grip on her hair.

Oasis’ fingers kept hitting at her sensitive spots, and she felt a sensation building up inside her. Only seconds after she could hear the mans moans growing louder, “I’m getting close!” he said in a louder voice than he had spoken in earlier. They were both getting closer, reaching for their climax. And it was a matter of seconds. Oasis felt the sensation being so strong, she had never felt anything like this, and she instinctively knew, it was her orgasming. She yelled out “I’m coming!” as the man pounded into her even harder as he came himself. She could feel her pussy filling up with his cum and she screamed out in pleasure. She couldn’t think of anything as powerful as this. It was amazing.

Both of their orgasms began to fade as they ended, and they both collapsed onto the grass, him on top of her. His skin was warm and Oasis breathed out, tiredness creeping over her and closing her eyes. She was happy she had done this, it had been amazing.

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