SecondLife Marketplace reviews placed on the +Kitten Spunk+ items:


Love it! This outfit comes in many different color options and cheap texture mods are available as well. Super cute! Well worth every linden. One of my fav outfits for kemono!– Moghedian Resident, SL Marketplace
Easy to apply, nice texture, neutral color that can be worn with anything. Really cute, too!– unicornkin, SL Marketplace
Nice textures, good quality and good price. Overall, I am very pleased with this mod.– Obedear18, SL Marketplace
Its a cute mod. I would like to see a Solarian Digigrade applier come soon for it tho. Other than thats its realy nice– partycat Treeflame, SL Marketplace
yay another cute outfitty. im not sure how i missed this one when it came out, but im glad that i havey it now, it is really cute and um as usual really really well made, thanks kitten /hug– joshikousei, SL Marketplace
Pretty. Love them :) To tint the color of these, or do basically any modding to the kobold, make sure the body is rezzed on the ground.– Sybil Ghost, SL Marketplace
Hermosas! Unas medias muy sensuales y lindas, ademas de muy fácil para editar :D gracias por esta hermosa prenda <3– Kururufa, SL Marketplace
yay another cute kemono dressy. this dressy is really cute and well madey, whenever kitten releases clothing i always getty excited because i know i will likey it, and i really like this dress /smiles thanks kitten– joshikousei , SL Marketplace
kawaaaaiiiiii. thanks kitten, this is a really really cute bikini /hug– joshikousei, SL Marketplace
yay. these are really cute kitten and having them riggied is a great idea since most garter belts that were made for the kemono avatar were not, they are very well madey and the price is really good too, thank you kitten /hug– joshikousei , SL Marketplace
10/10 would buy again. Quality-to-price ratio is fantastic, to start. The collars look great, fit great, and work great. When issues arose the seller was quick to reply and happy to help. Would definitely recommend a purchase for anyone looking for something stylistic and/or functional, particularly for pony roleplayers into BDSM and the like.– Nimmlers , SL Marketplace
this is a really cute and very well madey, thanks kitten /hug– joshikousei, SL Marketplace
Nice! Great hud, easy to use and no fuss putting your own dances in. I love this, never have any issues with it,– TigerLola, SL Marketplace
everything that i buy from kitten always lookies really cute and this sweater is definitely cute and very well madey, thanks kitten, as usual i cant wait to see what you makey next /hug– joshikousei, SL Marketplace
Awesome Job! Best Thing I have bought, looks great, very detailed. My head was a little bigger than the item due to my head size being increased for my hair but just resized the blindfold which took 2 seconds and still fits perfectly. Looks like a lot of effort has gone into this item to have it made for so many different avatar styles. Defiantly an A* product.– kujaka Diabolito, SL Marketplace
Heckin Yes. Doin me a rebellious pupper phase– RedWrath, SL Marketplace
Cute as heck ❤ ❤ Fits 3 puppers on at the same time, so very cute ; u ; comes in a variety of colours. Gaah. This is just the cutest thing ever and 100% worth the price ❤ ❤– Qukoi, SL Marketplace
lovely leggings This item was all that it promised to me and just awesome for the price alone, not a single complaint…now if i could only find some for the digi legs and have a purrfect set for every day ◠‿‿◠– Panther Maurer, SL Marketplace
So cute! I just wish they came with a version for the human legs ::wink wink::– Kieraly , SL Marketplace
great. looks fine on kem– genkouhande , SL Marketplace
I love them, can you make them white please?– hinaichigo Xaris, SL Marketplace
GREAT! the creator’s awesome enough to put up with my derpy self when i was confused on something. the mod is awesome and really does add something to the avatar. It makes the mod i have already which was cute but it adds more of a feminine touch to the avatar which was lacking before. it’s not overly anime like most i’ve seen but it’s not plain either. it’s the right amount of sassy but classy depending on what you do or dress your avi. good job :D– Sakura Rajal, SL Marketplace
I can’t see !Oh wait…yeah i forgot, lol. This is fantastic, a slight change in rotation and position for my M3 Anime head and it was a perfect fit. The shape, the texture, and the options, it’s just perfect.– darksonnetz Resident, SL Marketplace
Cool Mod~ Happy Halloween! The script was easily applied and mod looks great on my Solarian Cargo Pants. Thank you!– CatnipCartel, SL Marketplace
I adore these lashes! They are so soft and so sweet. At first they showed up a bit blurry for me but then I went into edit mode and made the color of them fully black and now they are more vivid then ever and they are fierce. Let me say if you are looking for some femininity in your Kemono Life, these are the lashes for you girl! Thank you so much for this creation! <3 Red– RedWrath, SL Marketplace
i really likey this bed. this bed kinda reminds me of my bed in real life /giggles but ya it is really cute and the animations are perfect for it, it is definitely one of my favorite beds in second life– joshikousei, SL Marketplace
Cute, but only for animal kemono legs. It was my mistake to not notice that it was only for the animal legs, but hopefully the creator will create a human version in the future, maybe? Also please make sure to mention that in the product description. x)– Scabs, SL Marketplace
really cute. this is another really cute item by kitten, i wear skirts the mosty so as soon as i saw this one i had to havey it and im glad i bought it, it is really well made and it is really adorable, thanks kitten /hug– joshikousei, SL Marketplace
Worked perfectly for me. This mod looks great, esp considering it’s FREE. No digileg skin, but the quality for the regular skin is Top Notch and the instillation is super easy if you read the instructions provided.– Mashwarohn , SL Marketplace
Too cute! This is perfect for my nurse character, but I was lucky enough to be able to bother Ecathi for the textures. I didn’t realize they came with the mahou Shojou dress (silly me). Customer support was swift and very pleasant, and this dress is all too cute. ;w;– Mai Yutani, SL Marketplace
Love it makes the solarian more kinky. it’s good to get it just read the note card on how it works and your good to go– SHIFTYzx, SL Marketplace
yay a cute pony choker. chokers on ponies can be really cute and this one is well madey and definitely lookies cute, I love that it hasy rlv because I find leashes can also be cute, so yay thanks again kitten /hug, I love all of your releases /smiles– joshikousei, SL Marketplace
Very nice. To be honest is my first blindfold. Now included my toy box for my Mistress to use. I don’t see what Lyraya issues is with it. I have a bifrost, BG, Kemono, and Solarian. Works just fine for mine. Maybe you mistook one blindfold for another. As for me.. *Ahem* ” FULL STARS!”– CreepingJade, SL Marketplace
Wow! :D I love it! Its so customizable and such adorable :3 Totally worth it!– BiancaLoukinhaBR, SL Marketplace
it’s a fun little toy, and even though the remote doesnt have any features, it’s rly cute to wear and nicely made :D– Spazzeh Hazelnut, SL Marketplace
Perfect! I really don’t know why none of these overlays were reviewed sooner, this has been an absolute lifesaver. I wanted to add faun/neko legs to a skin that didn’t have them, but unfortunately the stockings mod I was using didn’t work well with the legs I wanted to use, so for a while I had to wear bands/ribbons/accessories to cover up the gap between the legs and the stockings. However, when I found this, it immediately solved my problem – instead of using the stockings, it uses the full kemono body, therefore completely eradicating any gaps! The best part of it being a body mod is the fact that you can hide the parts you don’t need using the HUD, so I was able to use just the legs for my faun avi, and while there are other colors available, I found that you can actually tint this overlay to suit the mod you’re using! I also used this on my kitsune avi, made the arms/legs black and made a copy of the overlay so I could tint the tail base red ^^ Overall, this mod has many uses, if I were to change anything, it would be to simply add an alternate leg option that covers more of the thighs/butt and a little of the waist, more like the typical faun, but other than that, it has everything you need!– FiveNightsAtFreddys Resident, SL Marketplace
looks great. Need a pair of fishnets? this would be the one for you!– lilcraftkid , SL Marketplace
yaaaaay. I recently bought the tonic body, not even knowing that kitten was going to makey clothing for it, and she haaaaas, this dress is really cute and I have not seen any clipping or mesh breaks after looking really closely for a couple of minutes, thank you very very much kitten you did a great job as usual /hug– joshikousei , SL Marketplace
BEE-TASTIC! 149L$ wel spent! this bee fit is great!– ElissaxxSmoothy2 , SL Marketplace
Great customer Service! after an original review on this product, the creator spoke to me nearly immediately and was very kind, there are some limitations to the product that make it difficult to fit perfectly on the solarian head and it does take some effort to fit, but I got it working well. If more content creators cared as much about their customers as much as this one, it’d be a lot easier to feel confident about purchases. Definitely great customer service, thank you!– Noel Novelli , SL Marketplace
Loving this. If you already enjoy the skirt this mod is for then this is certainly a nice alternative to the built-in colors.– Yithan Fairport, SL Marketplace
so cuuute. I usually do not buy thingies like this but as soon as I saw the hearts on it I had to buy it /giggles, it is so cute and well made– joshikousei, SL Marketplace
Good but pay attention! These boots are darling but if you’re wearing them with the Hella Hips mod, don’t use the no deformations bodies for your base body. It’ll mess the boots up big time for some reason. I had a big issue with them using the 100% Thickness + No Leg Deformations body but the creator was nice enough to come help me through fixing the problem.– ukli , SL Marketplace
Very Cute :) Loved it ;)– Niggiri, SL Marketplace
Adorable. Easy enough to fit on my solarian and i barely know how to even edit x3 Very useful having a HUD to change the colour instead of folders full of colours for each version.– Allendri, SL Marketplace
Super cute! Absolutely love it :3– Eliih1994, SL Marketplace
yay a high quality pony bed. thanks kitten, I have been waiting for a realy high quality pony bed for a long timey, you did a great jobby making it /smiles– joshikousei, SL Marketplace
so cuuuute. i realy really like this hoodie, its cute and really well made, thanks kitten– joshikousei Resident, SL Marketplace
Its a very nice dress, and will look great going to the event I’m headed too soon. —- If you end up just getting textures like I did, the maker responded quickly and got it fixed. Not sure what happened, but I appreciate the quick response.– UnitScythe , SL Marketplace
Its really cute. Its not too long or too short. The heart has the font big enough to read and there’s a good amount of colors to choose from that change the strap and or metal heart. You can choose between the two name options..kitten or babygirl. You can ask for a commission for something else on it if that’s up your alley. Over all its adorable and nicely detailed.– Paprika Magic, SL Marketplace
Beautiful and Perfect. They are so easy to mod no problems what so ever and great price too– MinervaAi , SL Marketplace
Love them. I had some issues at first getting them to load so I messaged the creator and they where more then willing to help me with it. Love the color and love the detail no pixlated lines! I would recommend these to many people!– Gothtaz, SL Marketplace
Awesome! Easy to use and awesome looking. Would LOVE if you guys could do something like this but make it like latex, the only other latex mod for the socks just retextures but the feet are still visible through like boots (which is what i love about these stockings….the foot part is invisible/hidden)– cdnethanya, SL Marketplace
Very cute and well made <3– Shushie , SL Marketplace
Lovely handle. The colours are bright and the details are really unique. You can adjust them for larger if you need it. Customer service is excellent. Kitten helped me to make mine smaller, and her attitude was very patient and of a great service. Will look for more of her items. The bow is such a cute little detail.. I love it.– Comtesse Debruyere , SL Marketplace
I like these eyes. Theyre very vibrant and I like the misty look, all that was missing was a green, so I contacted the maker and they were very nice about it, I’m very pleased :)– OddPieceLady, SL Marketplace
Perfect! Wonderful product! No complaints here!– TexasWolf Helstein, SL Marketplace
A good alternative to the default eyes, which I have had troubles with getting them to appear as programmed by the Kemono HUD. The colors works well with the color mods I use as well. Nice!– Rocketroo, SL Marketplace
for the little punky pony in all of us /giggles this piercing setty is perfect for anyone who likies to be cute, but punky at the same time and I findy that these piercings makey punk really cute, thanks kitten /hug– joshikousei , SL Marketplace
My favorite kobold eyes! As an SL veteran, I’ve positioned many kinds of eyes and these, along side Static’s, are by far the easiest and my favorite. Kitten has been more than willing to consult on products, not just her own, for the several years I’ve known her and has always given 110%.– Isfrael Blackheart, SL Marketplace
Beautiful eyes. So, these eyes are really great. They fit the kobold perfectly and because the texture is animated I can change my head size without the eyes moving. Because the eyes can be moved/resized, I’ve managed to make them fit with pretty much every PAWS head I own as well, along with a number of KZK mod heads. They’re beautifully detailed and move in a way that seems natural. After purchasing the whole set of colors I really don’t use any other eyes anymore, these just allow much more freedom to wear rigged and fitted hairs. I can’t really think of any cons. They’re beautiful. All in all, 5/5 would definitely recommend to anyone looking for one pair of gorgeous eyes that works for everything.– Telanadas Resident, SL Marketplace
Great product, and great service! I unpacked the box incorrectly, which left me with no contents to use, and Ecathi re-sent it to me without any issues. Thanks! :D– KitchenNinjaRoxy, SL Marketplace
‘Go’ get this Great little accessory. Love the little buttons and the choice of team. Well made, modifiable and visually great. No complaints here. 5/5 Go Team Valor.– Ace Choovio , SL Marketplace
Great dance hud. Easy to use, affordable, good animations…what’s not to like?– reginawave, SL Marketplace
it does look nice. idk if the other person reviewing this was high, a failed custom modder or what. the quality is cared for and exquisite as always. maybe try resizing ur head, or actually up your graphics card sometime? everytime i buy something from kitten she is more than willing to accom,odate her customers. something that is not really done oten here on sl. sorry you failed to mod it right reviewer, but it does work for me :3 goodjob kitten– NightFury Draconia, SL Marketplace
Good Quality, Not for Newbies. Opening up this review by stating that I rate these as a 4 star item, but I need to counteract stupidity from someone else, so they get an extra star. WARNING!!!: These eyes are not intended to be a plug and play experience. They were designed to reduce mod attachment points and were custom setup so that anyone with modding experience could easily adjust them. However. They /will/ need to be adjusted. — That being said, I bought and used these easily, and even managed to fit them to a Paws head with a bit of trial and error. The texture quality is something notable, and while a few textures seem a bit eccentric, not everyone is into ultra realism like I can be. Pros: Amazing look. Single attachment point. Can be used on multiple heads. Cons: Require modding experience to fit non-standard head/body shapes for the Snaggletooth.– KinvaraAnarchy , SL Marketplace
bought for snokra. I was worried these eyes wouldn’t work with Snokra, but they are just prim spheres. I turned them a little transparent and then fit them over my Snokra eyes. They’re gorgeous! Deep shimmery textures just like I like.– Ravenna Soothsayer, SL Marketplace
Perfect :D I haven’t had any problems getting the item or the hud to work properly, and it does exactly what it’s advertised to do. It looks pretty awesome in world too ^^– Stabigail, SL Marketplace
I’m so cozy ;u; I love this because it has so many texture options and that my friends can fit on it with me. I have kind of a cute little set up with the bed and the pet bowls from this same store x3– Isfrael Blackheart, SL Marketplace
This is AWSOME !! WOW is all I can say !!! I really hope you do more !!! Love the script and texture work !! Keep it up !!!– AlphaFemale Destiny, SL Marketplace
♡ They look fantastic on both females and femboys, and the applier script works like a charm. Good work! Kinda hoping for long gloves too, perhaps based on Red Vixen’s armwarmers.– Pkjn01 Resident, SL Marketplace
Perfectly fine… This mod worked perfectly fine, it only requires you to put the script into the piece of clothing, then click it like it says in the product description.– Illuminessa, SL Marketplace
Look good, some extra work. These look really good, so they have that going for them. A range of color options. They aren’t fitted to the left and right eye slots — so expect to re-attach to those nodes and fit them yourself. Additionally the names aren’t quite obvious as to what color is what, but that is a minor gripe (“fruity” does not scream green to me off the bat, for example.) If these are designed for the default kobold avatar they really should automatically conform to those slots at those default body shapes — otherwise I’d rate 5 stars. The easiest way to fit these things is to attach them to the right and left eyeball. After that, in edit set the location of each at “0” so they center on the eyeball. After that it’s just a matter of rotating to taste.– Sosarin Demar, SL Marketplace
I have had this for a while, and I love it. It is super cute, and well rigged. I just wish it had a version with a tad more bust, but for what it is, it’s a wonderful outfit!– Agirl3003, SL Marketplace
Simple to use. Easy to use HUD to change the colors and easy to use menus. The perfect accessory for my hallowedpup– AsunaElmarit89 , SL Marketplace
~*Purrrrfect ^_~!*~ The sides are perfect its not going through my Kemono and annoying the heck out of me, it is perfect, fits my hips my sides and everything : D !!! Thank you so much! for making this gift from god! I don’t see my avatar going through the outfit I buy for a change ! :D Thanks <3!– Morrinthia , SL Marketplace
giggles. i bought this because it lookied really cute and hady a unique design but the animations are also really high quality– joshikousei , SL Marketplace
Amazingly easy to mod for various heads. I purchased these on the off chance they would work with my Paws feline head, and with only a tiny bit of moving they worked amazingly! I didn’t even have to change my body shape in the slightest, just a little resizing, the quality is awesome, please please keep it up!– Caduto Athens , SL Marketplace
Fits perfectly! I love these eyes. It gives a perfect flair. <3 I didn't even need to adjust the eyes.– failedfetus, SL Marketplace
must have. reasonably priced good quality– Kiyli, SL Marketplace
Simply adorable! I wear this together with some of my outfits, it looks great!– Taruto Aeon, SL Marketplace
I love these eyes. They are so cute. They go great with my deer avatar.– Ardnaid Spingflower, SL Marketplace
I love it! I really love this outfit, you can change the colours and have cool bloodstains :D– Sheato , SL Marketplace
Love em~ I love high tops haha, these one are pretty good:3,both because their good shoes, and because ponies<3, they work not only with kimono but none kimono:o,I haven't had any problems with em<3– kawaiiuniyuki , SL Marketplace
these are so adorable. these heels are really well madey and look extremely cute with so many different outfits that i have, i wish i could givey it even more stars– joshikousei Resident, SL Marketplace
yay more cute. fangies i love using fangs and these are so cute and as usual really well made /giggles, i cant wait to buy more from you kitten– joshikousei Resident, SL Marketplace
So much Yes! I needed a Bikini for my Hella Hips for my Beach Days and this is just TOO Perfect I thank you so much for this and the tintable bows and the AO Maps for Mods. Thank you, thank you , thank you so much! <3 <3– RedWrath, SL Marketplace
yay more pony hair. thanks kitten, this pony hair is cute and a little different from the usual pony hair styles that we see, I really likey it /smiles– joshikousei, SL Marketplace
Fantastic Design and responce. Very well made had 1 issue which was quickly fixed!, got a reply back very quick and polite ! 10/10 for service and design!– lanie Alex, SL Marketplace
Oddly Satisfying. Starting off, these don’t say they’re for any breasts, but there’s a neat little thing for Rei’s Chest (As of 9/4/15 I haven’t tried any other breasts). Rei’s Chest sits just above the hem of the shorts/cinch, so you can make that invisible and play with that. I paired it up with Torchi’s Ruffled Flounce top, made the undershirt invisible, and kept the ruffle top completely solid. Honestly would like another version of this for the various breasts out there, but with the Flounce top you can get away with them together.– Aress Foxtrot, SL Marketplace
This is perfect! Wow. I am just inlove with this pole. Both the BF and i enjoy it We have an entire Burton-esque home and this is the peefect final tough we needed! the animations are smooth, real and fluid. Def must have!– Stytchwytch , SL Marketplace
yay. i really needed to findy kemono face piercings one night and these were the first ones that i foundy /giggles, i bought them right away and i really like them, they are easy to movey around and modify and they are really cute– joshikousei, SL Marketplace
Love it! i mainly got this cause i wanted to be my kitty in rl, its so pretty, thankies for the free mod♥– Muregon, SL Marketplace
After thinking “Why isn’t this working” I decided to try the retro re-loader thing and bam! If this isn’t working on your M3 head, go ahead and try that. :D Great customer service too, Kitten is super nice.– iSunnyFox, SL Marketplace
Great addition to my wardrobe! SO happy to find these are rigged! I bought something similar from another creator and they weren’t riggend and in general were a pain in my anus. These look awesome and are rigged just right to work with the default kemono kneesocks. The listing at the time wasn’t clear if these are rigged or not but the seller was all to happy to answer my questions, and says they will update the listing soon so it’s more clear! :D Very satisfied as usual with KS products! :D– KitRaige, SL Marketplace
really cute. it needed a little adjusting and rotating but it was easy enough to make it fit nicely and looks really cute– joshikousei, SL Marketplace
Muffle feature works well, blindfold allows only the brightest things to show up. Not a 100% blindfold but a very heavy light filter. Which makes for fun as you still can get around, just with heavy difficulty making anything out. Using on a Viss Puzzle Bunny. Resizing down a bit and using the ball as deeply placed in mouth works fairly well for placement. Poor poor bunny got his mouth full. Multiple owners possible, have yet to try that feature. Key feature, has my heart racing if it should be taken…– bunfun, SL Marketplace
Very cute. I love the HUD & the price is great. Thanks!– MzTigerLilly, SL Marketplace
Very nice. Really like these shoes, highly detailed I really like these. However they didn’t come with an alpha in the ones I got, however I had tried the demo so i just used the alpha from the demo and it works fine. They fit very well on my standard avatar even though I bought them for a Kemono which I haven’t gotten to try yet.– Spooky597 , SL Marketplace
happy wish they came with a white stocking. u can turn white and then recolor manually as well, they work great on thunder thigh. happy– KemmaLune, SL Marketplace
Blindfold. This product works perfectly fine with most mods and that includes Solarian, Easily edited to what shape your head requires overall good product.– Eclairsane, SL Marketplace
easy to use, very nice ^^ perfect !– yosegaman, SL Marketplace
Wonderful. :3 cute skin and got help right away when i couldnt get get it to work<3– ManaHaruka, SL Marketplace
Very fun and nice looking wings. Have to recommend to anyone looking for chibi wings.– SneakHayabusa, SL Marketplace
CUTE <3 Very nice custom service. The Bekini Top fits pervect on perky tits. LOVE LOVE LOVE!– DatSasu Resident, SL Marketplace
I love galaxy print stuff, and this is absolutely perfect for any galaxy outfit. It’s a wonderful add on to the Tennis skirt, and looks amazing. <3– glitchangel, SL Marketplace
These eyes are amazing. They fit so well not only in the kobold head but other heads you can use prim eyes for. You may need to move and adjust them depending on the size of your head but it is very simple to do. Love these eyes :D– Minuete Mistwallow, SL Marketplace
Very cute mod. An adorable mod for the Kemono. The maker even told me where got the hair, arms, and legs when asked. Definitely worth the 249L. 5/5 easily for great looking mod, and great customer service.– Lost Eberhardt, SL Marketplace
Excellent work and excellent service too– Phraus Amaterasu, SL Marketplace
Super cute! Thank you a lot for making this mod! One of my faves now. :>– Taruto Aeon, SL Marketplace
<3 I LOVE this.– Abyss Teskat, SL Marketplace
Cute. :D Adorable mod, I love it, as usual. Keep making these cute mods. :D– Obedear18, SL Marketplace
Very pretty texture improvement; very supportive creator. It’s important to note first that as of this review, this item is strictly a well-made applier script for the RIGGED kobold body. It does not include a texture. When I bought these, my avatar was wearing the snaggletooth’s unrigged head (latest v1.02). (Dont ask me why this makes sense, you can resize the rigged head too, somethingsomethingabsentminded) ANYWAY. instead of doing the right thing and using the rigged head I instead notecarded the creator and got a response next-day. Saving some time, She personally edited my unrigged head to have these lashes on it, and was very friendly and patient. I don’t expect an update to the item to work with the unrigged head at this low price, but instead maybe just an edited warning on the modpage about it. There’s no real reason to use the unrigged head anyway. It’s outdated and has less features, so keep that in mind when getting these new lashes. They look waaaaaay more detailed than the chunky default lashes. Well, just look at the pic and get them yourself. They’re a need for both kobold boys and kobold girls. =D /TLDR– WatermelonWolf , SL Marketplace
Just what I needed at a reasonable price. Sure, it’s a bit of a downside that the shirt doesn’t work with jiggle physics but at least it comes in every chest size. My only pet peeve is the textures were a little hard to work with – if you plan on modding the shirt to have a design on the front, you’ll have to paint it specifically to fit whatever chest size you’re using, otherwise changing sizes will cause the design to stretch, especially on the largest setting. However, I managed to get my custom texture to work with the desired size so I’m pleased with my purchase :) Just know that it may take a little extra time and patience to mod– FiveNightsAtFreddys Resident, SL Marketplace
Nice. It’s a cute little bed. I absolutely love the design and the plethora of poses. I think the metal texture could be better. It looks like SL shininess with no actual texture of its own. I wish I could tint the white pillows(or metal) to a custom color rather than preloaded textures in the HUD. It’s the best pet bed I’ve seen yet. If it was modify, it’d be perfect– Zerxes Resident, SL Marketplace
Happy new year! Thanks Kitten! <3– Nukkus Resident, SL Marketplace