Ecathi Products are made by yours truly, Ronya R., a young adult female aged 22 from Norway.

My experience are many and diverse, and for convenience I have listed them below:

  • With Photoshop CS6 I create textures for mesh objects in both the community SecondLife and previously IMVU. Sometimes the mesh objects will be created by me with Blender, and other times I will work on other people’s mesh objects when permission is granted. Finished products go up for sale to support myself financially.

  • As of 2014 I began doing still-life drawings. These drawings are of objects around the house, and challange me creatively to recreate them on paper. I thoroughly enjoy this as the feeling of recreating actual objects through my own mind gives me great pleasure.

  • For several years I have been doing nature photography. Back in Norway there were many astonishing landscapes, plants and scenery that I enjoyed capturing. These images were used on postcards in Sweden for sale non-profit.

  • In my local area in Norway I would write articles and take pictures to go with for the local newspapers. These articles were freelance and paid for by the newspaper companies. I also had a couple interns there in association with my school at the time.

  • Back in 2011 I participated in NaNoWriMo as I am very interested in writing fiction. The book project I did for NaNoWriMo got quite a bit of interest in the local community, and I began taking commissions for writing online. This is something I enjoy to do in my free time, and hope to be able to continue with.