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+Kitten Spunk+ is an online digital texture and mesh project.

This venture is operated solely by myself, creating and designing products to fit niches in the online community ‘SecondLife.’ I have been creating on SecondLife since August 2013 and all my products are sold on the official online LindenLabs Marketplace, and via the medium of my own in-game shop.

The sales go towards helping fund my studies and life expenses, and towards further expansion of my brand and creativity.

+KS+ Frilly Bikini

September 10, 2017

+KS+ Catseye Digipaws Fishnets

September 10, 2017

+KS+ Mireya

August 29, 2017

+KS+ Pet Bowl

August 27, 2017

+KS+ Pony Bottle

August 20, 2017

+KS+ Pony Coffin

August 19, 2017

+KS+ Paws Feline Velour Lashes

August 7, 2017

+KS+ Effie

July 27, 2017

+KS+ Kemono Slash Love // Golden

July 27, 2017

+KS+ Kemono Booty Briefs

July 27, 2017

+KS+ Brat Collar

July 27, 2017

+KS+ Kemono Slash Love // FATPACK

July 27, 2017

+KS+ Kemono Slash Love // Honey

+KS+ XIV Job Posters

July 18, 2017

+KS+ Leather Regal Chair

June 20, 2017

+KS+ Satanic Wall Statements

June 12, 2017

+KS+ Lift-Off Top

June 11, 2017

+KS+ Allison Skirt

June 9, 2017

+KS+ Tish Summerdress

June 9, 2017

+KS+ Ribcage Hoodie

June 9, 2017

+KS+ Lissa Lingerie

April 23, 2017

+KS+ Kemono Racer Dress

April 23, 2017

+KS+ Scruffed Tattoo

April 22, 2017

+KS+ Heartbroken Tattoo

April 22, 2017

+KS+ Banshee Queen Tank Top

April 16, 2017