Terms of Service

Kitten Spunk


For a redelivery visit the Kitten Spunk main store and look for the sign saying “Redelivery”. No copy items such as gacha cannot be  redelivered. If your purchase is for some reason not showing up contact Ecathi Resident.


No refunds will be issues as items in general are copy and no transfer. You will not be given a refund for not reading the vendor correctly or other mistakes on the buyer’s part. Should the product have an issue please contact Ecathi Resident to have it resolved.

Duplicate purchases

Upon duplicate purchase CasperVend should refund you automatically. However if this did not work please contact Ecathi Resident with the details of your purchase.


Please look at the image/ad before purchasing. The image will indicate the permissions of the object you are about to purchase. No, I will not give the item to you with more permissions as I try to give as much freedom (editability) to the buyer as possible.


If a .psd or shadowmap is included with the item you are welcome to mod it, and sell said mod as long as you do not claim you made the original product.

Voice work

  • You are not permitted to claim the voice is you.
  • You must credit me in your work.
  • You may not clip or edit provided clips in such a way that it would alter the words from the script without consultation.
  • You may not use provided work in ways that would give monetary gain without permission, with potential cut if it is signifigant (250+ usd).
  • For use in what it was made for only. You may ask to use it elsewhere and do so only if given permission.