A smooth shadow leans against a tree. The forest around is quiet, except from a few birds singing harmonically. A slow breath is drawn in by the shadow, and with a keen eye one can faintly see shapes that hint at the shadow being a girl. The girl has shining blue-gray eyes, that being the only feature visible. A faint ray of light hits her head and one can see two cat ears on top of her head. It is clearly a Khajit.

With no strain the female khajit draws her bow. Her fur is lit up by the sun rays and one can see her dark brown colour, almost like chocolate. She has a very serious expression, but she seems to relax as she draws her bow. In front of her, on the uppermost branch of the tallest tree sits a majestic eagle. The girl slowly breaths in as she holds the arrow firmly. Within less than a second she releases the arrow and it goes flying towards the unaware target. Before the bird even has time to react it falls down from its branch and to the ground. It is dead, shot straight through the neck.

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